To the infosphere

Author: Arantxa Serantes (*)

An immaterial world. A framework of information ethics in which a multiplicity of entities that coexist and interact use information as a resource and, to a lesser extent, digital literacy as a means. The semantic environment has changed. We are informs in the words of prof. Luciano Floridi . Information organizations interconnected or integrated by a device: the mobile. It is the main source of modeling of the mind because it is a vital communicative instrument that intervenes and faces the world of data, thus designing an architecture whose models and representations are in the making, without a defined ethic. Let’s say it’s a constructivist view of information.

There is no prevention against possible corruption and exhaustion as well as the reduction in quality, content and value of the information, because it is not even raised in a coherent way, which collides with fundamental freedoms and rights, since the perspective anthropocentric has been abandoned. There is no interest in informing people, so that they understand the process in a natural and progressive way. There is prior conditioning to teach us to think according to a programmatic model in order to avoid the critical spirit.

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